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1x „Aion Advancer"


Ever further reaching, the spiraling chaos of humanity’s eternal conflict touched even the most distant and isolated systems of their tortured empire, including the lonely world of Aion VII fringing on the borders of the known stars. There, in the turmoil of warfare, many even basic templates of technology were lost, including that of their most common transports and battle tanks. In haste, the Aion-Pattern Advancer was developed. Other than its rather more temperamental nature, it served as a fully functional replacement for transports, tanks and siege vehicles, and saw significant use in the wider war alongside its Mars counterparts.

Amidst the development of the Aion Pattern Advancer, the foundations for what would become known as the Aion Battle Tank were laid. Borrowing its hull from the Advancer, this vehicle exchanged its transport capacity for sizeable weapons systems and munitions storage, necessary compromises to mount the tools of destruction it brings to bear. Between flamethrowers, rotary cannons and laser weaponry, the Aion Battle Tank has earned its place as a flexible and reliable part of many assaults across the galaxy.

Though the Aion Pattern Battle Tank tended to fill most battlefield roles throughout campaigns, there were certain niches which it was not equipped to deal with, in particular in situations requiring siege vehicles. Thus, the Destroyer was born, with heavier weapons and armour to cope with the sheer chaos of prolonged frontline warfare. Few structures can withstand the volleys of its firepower, from siege cannons to highly destructive laser arrays, and for any enemy vehicles or infantry unfortunate enough to stand between a Destroyer and its quarry, obliteration is almost a certainty.

The last major variant of the Aion family became known as the Aion Pattern Bombard, a name well-earned over its years of service. Firing self-propelled missiles from hull-mounted banks into the depths of the enemy’s lines, fortresses and bunkers in an almost perpetual volley, the Bombard has become known not only as a necessary addition to many arsenals, but also as a vehicle feared by all who would face it, meeting their demise only moments after hearing the telltale whine of its missiles finding their target.

The Aion Armoury Bundle includes the Aion Pattern Advancer, Aion Pattern Bombard, Aion Pattern Battle Tank, and Aion Pattern Destroyer.


All of our miniatures are made from high-quality tough resin (synthetic resin for a perfect surface in 3D printing almost like injection molding) in Germany.
Since we are passionate players and collectors ourselves, we pay great attention to quality.
We would not send anything to you that we would not buy ourselves.

Alle unsere Miniaturen werden aus hochwertigen Tough Resin (Kunstharz für eine perfekte Oberfläche im 3D-Druck - fast wie Spritzguss) in Deutschland gefertigt. Da wir selbst leidenschaftliche Spieler und Sammler sind achten wir sehr auf Qualität. Wir würden nichts an euch verschicken was wir nicht auch selbst kaufen würden.

Base design?

Would you prefer a blank base for your miniature? No problem just look here in our shop.
Möchten Sie eine blanko Base für Ihre Miniatur? Kein Problem, schauen Sie einfach hier in unserem Shop.

Quality control!

In our quality control, all prints are freed from supports and cleaned. We take a lot of effort in this step. However, we are only human and subtle defects could occur (as with other miniatures on the market). Since this step is always carried out by hand, there may be small differences.
In unserer Qualitätskontrolle werden alle Drucke von Stützen befreit und gereinigt. Wir geben uns bei diesem Schritt sehr viel Mühe. Jedoch können auch bei uns kleinste Mängel vorkommen. Da dieser Schritt immer von Hand ausgeführt wird, kann es zu kleinen Unterschieden kommen.

Glue and paint

ENG: On our website we can also offer you the Vallejo, Army Painter range, glue and many other materials, brushes or tools. GER: Auf unserer Website können wir Ihnen auch das Vallejo, Army-Painter-Sortiment, Kleber sowie viele andere Materialien, Pinsel oder Werkzeuge anbieten.


If the shop miscalculates your shipping charges/ shipping seems outrageously expensive please let us know and we're happy to refund the overcharges.
Please know that we don't add handling fees or increase shipping costs to make extra €.
Wenn der Shop Ihre Versandkosten falsch berechnet / der Versand unverschämt teuer erscheint, teilen Sie uns dies bitte mit und wir erstatten Ihnen die Überkosten.
Bitte beachten Sie, dass wir keine Bearbeitungsgebühren hinzufügen oder die Versandkosten erhöhen, um zusätzliche € zu verdienen.


All other objects besides the advertised product on this page serve as exhibition objects and are not included. However, they can usually be ordered on our website.
Alle anderen Objekte außer dem auf dieser Seite beworbenen Produkt dienen als Ausstellungsobjekte und sind nicht enthalten. Sie können jedoch normalerweise auf unserer Website bestellt werden.

We recommend our following tools:

  • YUKI MODEL super glue high viscosity 20g long durability

Material: Tough Resin

ENG: Suitable for / GER: Passend für

28mm, 30mm, 32mm, 35mm, 40mm Tabletop.


  • Please note that the items offered are sold unpainted (unless otherwise noted - usually the articles are made of gray resin).
  • Not suitable for children under three years - Contains small parts that can be swallowed.
  • Articles usually consist of several individual parts and must be assembled.
  • We manufacture according to the size specifications of the designer. If you have specific ideas, please contact us.


  • Bitte beachten Sie, dass die angebotenen Artikel unbemalt verkauft werden (sofern nicht anders angegeben - in der Regel sind die Artikel in grauem Resin gefertigt).
  • Nicht für Kinder unter drei Jahren geeignet - Enthält kleine Teile, die verschluckt werden können.
  • Artikel bestehen in der Regel aus mehreren Einzelteilen und müssen zusammengebaut werden.
  • Wir fertigen nach den Größenvorgaben der Designer. Bei exakten Vorstellungen kontaktiere uns bitte.

Boneshop is officially licensed to sell physical prints of Aphyrion Miniatures, obtained through the Aphyrion Patreon. Original digital .stl files of this model can be purchased by joining the Aphyrion Patreon (at:


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