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              This is the name taken by the forces of Demons and minions that answer the call of Andevas, The Horned One. This evil horde of all kind of demon spawns are lead by the Avatar of Andevas. A great demon thirsty of power and souls that carries all kind of pests to spread them around the globe which wants to enslave the ratmen and use them as their terrenal forces to conquer and subdue all other races.

              - Resin Warfare

              The Thirteen Tails (5)

              The Thirteen Tails „Hell Hound Rats" 28mm - 35mm...


              The Thirteen Tails „Demon Rat Brutes" 28mm - 35mm...


              The Thirteen Tails „Lesser Demon Rats V2" 28mm -...


              The Thirteen Tails „Lesser Demon Rats V1" 28mm -...


              The Thirteen Tails „Avatar of Andevas" 28mm - 35mm...

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