Necrons: Doom Scythe (49-15)

Necrons: Doom Scythe (49-15)

Necrons: Doom Scythe (49-15)

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Doom Scythes are Harbingers of Terror, supersonic fighter craft that go far ahead of a Necron invasion. Thanks to the speed of his android brain, the pilot can execute billions of strategies in nanoseconds.

The shape of a waning moon makes the Necons Doom Scythe an impressive model. Its many elegant segments are covered in Necron iconography, and there are also numerous balls and grids on the model, as well as a drive that is shaped like a spine. In addition to the pilot sitting in the center of the model, the model carries a twin Tesla Annihilator and a death ray in a claw-like suspension.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 51 components, a stand, a large oval flying base and a Necron transfer sheet with which to build a Deathscythe. A Night Scythe can optionally be built from the set.

12+. WARNING. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small parts. Essential pointed components.

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Shade: Nuln Oil (24-14)
Chaos Black Spray Paint (62-02)
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