Necromunda: Rulebook (Hardback) (Englisch) (300-46)

Necromunda: Rulebook (Hardback) (Englisch) (300-46)

Necromunda: Rulebook (Hardback) (Englisch) (300-46)

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Key Features

  • All the core rules for playing games of Necromunda, compiled in one book
  • Delve into life in the nightmare underhive through pages of lore and art
  • Scenarios, tools, and rules for running your own underhive campaigns
    Necromunda is the tabletop skirmish wargame of anarchy and violence, where players control rival gangs of fighters battling for supremacy in the nightmare depths of a sci-fi megacity – and this book is your essential companion to gaming in the underhives. Loaded with background information, evocative artwork, and complete core rules, the Necromunda: Rulebook provides an in-depth look at the world of Necromunda and the many ways to play the game. It's a must-have for any player looking to fight a gang war, and provides invaluable resources for everything from quick skirmishes to sprawling campaigns.

    Inside this 192-page hardback book, you’ll find:
    - A street-level look at the lore of the Imperium of Man, the hive worlds that serve it, and Necromunda itself, plus a timeline for the history of this iconic world
    - The core rules for playing games of Necromunda in the underhive, from the basic principles to phase-by-phase actions and skirmish combat
    - A host of different game types to suit your needs, from one-off skirmishes and tournament play to sprawling Dominion campaigns
    - Over a dozen scenarios to play through, plus guidelines for setting up your battlefield and rules for fighting in a cramped Zone Mortalis or industrial hell of a Sector Mechanicus
    - A set of powerful tools for Arbitrators to shape the story and construct a perfect campaign
    - Eight full lists of Skills to flesh out your hardened gang members
    - A quick reference sheet for checking out your key information at a glance

    Necromunda: Rulebook compiles the original Necromunda: Underhive Rule Book with content from the Necromunda: Gang War books, plus a range of Necromunda FAQs and Errata, to create a definitive guide to games of gang warfare. Once combined with a copy of your chosen gang's supplement book (available separately), you’ll have all the rules you need to build your gang and claim victory in the violent struggles of Necromunda.

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